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Lease extensions

Ensuring that you extend your lease before the cost becomes prohibitive is essential in securing the value of your home or investment property. We have expertise in acting for both tenants and landlords and will guide you through the process, time scales and legal pitfalls of legislative and private lease extensions.

Right to Buy your Freehold / Right to Manage your Block

Too many of us suffer from bad management of the block of flats where we live. Our home is our most valuable asset and we want to look after it and make sure it is properly maintained. Too often we find ourselves frustrated because our landlord or managing agent is not listening to our needs or will not communicate with us.

Provided you meet certain qualifying criteria, you and your fellow leaseholders can claim the right to purchase the freehold of your block or the right to manage your block. Both of these rights empower you, the leaseholder to work together with your fellow leaseholders to maintain and manage your block, directing and appointing the managing agents of your choice.

Property Litigation

Our areas of expertise include all areas of dispute resolution relating to the ownership and leasing of property, repossessions, all aspects of landlord and tenant law, disputed commercial lease renewals, contentious leasehold enfranchisement matters, service charge disputes and boundary disputes.


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