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When you encounter personal problems within your family that result in family law disputes, not only is this a very worrying and stressful time for you but such problems result in many complex legal issues. We aim to minimise conflict whenever possible. When it is necessary, however, we take strong and effective legal action.

Naturally, you need a family law solicitor who has detailed legal knowledge in family law, but just as importantly, you need someone who will adopt an understanding approach to your case. Rae Nemazee LLP offers specialist and expert service. We deal with all aspects of family law. Our breadth of experience enables us to offer a wide range of skills to meet your personal circumstances.


The breakdown of a relationship can be an emotional and confusing time. We are committed to promoting a non-confrontational atmosphere in which problems relating to family breakdown are dealt with in a sensitive, constructive and cost-effective way for an amicable divorce.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Whilst sadly those entering into a marriage do not anticipate it ending in divorce, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Prenuptial agreements are a means through which you can protect your assets should a marriage or civil partnership break down.

At Rae Nemazee LLP, we can draft prenuptial agreements for those about to enter into a marriage or civil partnership. Furthermore, we have experience in amending prenuptial agreements or drafting postnuptial agreements following the commencement of a marriage or partnership


Couples in the UK often opt to live together, purchase property and make a life together, but do not wish to get married or enter into a civil partnership. It is important for these couples to understand that should their relationship breakdown, the law does not provide them with automatic rights and protection when it comes to financial and property settlements.

At Rae Nemazee LLP, we assist cohabiting couples in creating documents that outline each party's interest in property. Such documents, termed "declarations of trust," are the best way for each partner to protect his or her rights in the event the relationship ends. Having a well drafted declaration in place is critical, because the laws of divorce and civil partnerships do not apply to cohabitees.

Division of financial assets

The end of a relationship has long-lasting financial effects on each spouse or partner, as well as the children. The best way to secure your financial health is to work with a solicitor who has expertise in the financial proceedings involved in end-of-relationship issues.

The division of assets is often the most difficult problem to solve in the separation process. The technical name for the application made to the court regarding the division of assets is Ancillary relief. 

Family assets can be divided between the parties either by agreement or by court order. Rae Nemazee LLP primarily seeks to negotiate a settlement rather than to issue court proceedings. In certain instances, however, court proceedings may be necessary.  


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